Garment Care Guide

This care guide will help you make the best possible choices to extend the lifespan of your Latimmier product by providing tips and more in-depth information. Should you wish to receive more information about the materials of your product, see our Material Guide. Please note that this guide is still under development and will be expanded during 2024.

Ten Quick Tips

  1. Wash garments only when needed and avoid dry cleaning. Sometimes removing a stain or airing a garment is enough!

  2. Sort your clothes to similar colors and wash only full loads. Wash delicate items in a washing bag.

  3. Wash in cold (30°C) whenever possible, and use an eco-friendly detergent. Avoid chemical softeners.

  4. Avoid using a dryer at all costs, even if it is allowed in the care label! They require vast amounts of energy, and they may also shorten the lifespan of your clothes by causing unnecessary wear and shrinkage.

  5. Store clothes in hangers if possible to avoid unnecessary ironing and steaming - note that delicate items such as knitwear should be folded to avoid stretching!

  6. Expand the lifespan of your product the best you can. Reattaching buttons and fixing small tears and holes are surprisingly easy even if you're inexperienced. 

  7. If your body shape no longer matches the garment, see if you can still adjust it and avoid getting rid of it.

  8. Clothes shouldn't end up in landfills! Resell them if possible, or upcycle/tune them into something new!

  9. Remember that donating clothes to goodwill doesn't necessary mean they don't end up in landfills somewhere else, especially if they are in poor condition.

  10. If there are no other solutions, recycle your clothes correctly. No landfills!

    Care Labels & Symbols

    Care Label Information

    Our care labels contain the following information:

    • Product name (EN)
    • Unique product code
    • Garment origin (EN)
    • Fabric origin (EN)
    • Hardware origin (EN)
    • Artwork or product freelance designer if applicable (EN)
    • Material composition (EN, FI, SE)
    • Laundry symbols
    • Written care instructions and additional care info if applicable (EN, FI, SE)

    To be as transparent as possible we want to take an extra step and not only show where the garment was made, but where all aspects of the garment were made. For more detailed information regarding suppliers, see our Supplier List. We also want to hold ourselves accountable, as all the countries of origin should ideally be the same, or at least as close as possible to minimize the environmental impact of our production. In 2022 all our products, materials and hardware were made in the EU.

    For apparel care labels are always placed on the left side of the product, most commonly on left side seam or left inner pocket. For accessories such as socks care instructions are included on the packaging.

    Laundry Symbols

    This page was last updated January 22nd 2024