Supplier List

Below are our current suppliers, all of which are located within the EU. These consist of fabric, yarn and hardware suppliers as well as product manufacturers. As some of our production is arranged through local agencies whose business model depends on providing production connections, some suppliers might not be listed here as they are considered as trade secrets by said agencies. 

Please see our 2022 Sustainability Report for more detailed information of where we have sourced our materials and products.

Should you wish to receive more information of our suppliers for non-commercial research purposes, please contact us at

If you wish to become a whistleblower because you have knowledge of actions made by our suppliers that go against our Sustainability Standards, please contact us immediately at We will handle all such contacts discreetly and react accordingly.

Fabric, Yarn and Hardware Suppliers 

  • Bond Imk Oy – Finland
  • Bottonificio B.A.P S.r.l. – Italy
  • Com.I.Stra S.r.l. – Italy
  • Corozite S.r.l. – Italy
  • DBS Tessuti S.r.l. – Italy
  • Lampo S.r.l.  – Italy
  • Lanificio Subalpino S.r.l. – Italy
  • Lanifico Caverni S.r.l. – Italy
  • Leathertex S.r.l. – Italy
  • Lenzing AG – Austria
  • M.T.T. S.p.A. – Italy
  • Mannelli Franco Scampoli S.p.A. – Italy
  • Marzotto Tessuti S.r.l. – Italy
  • Mion S.p.a. – Italy
  • Pakaita AB – Lithuania
  • Paulo De Oliveira S.S. – Portugal
  • Planimex Oy – Finland
  • Somelos Tecidos S.A. – Portugal
  • Texacta Oy – Finland

      Product Manufacturers

      • aDigi Oy – Finland

      • Calze Beneduci S.r.l. – Italy
      • Halfnet Têxteis, Lda – Portugal
      • Juratex UAB – Lithuania
      • Knitwear Lab Netherlands 
      • Pakaita AB – Lithuania
      • Sacchetti Maglierie S.r.l. – Italy
      • Tindra UAB – Lithuania
      • Vador Trading International S.R.L. – Romania
      • Vilkma AB – Lithuania

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