Sustainability Standards

The Latimmier Sustainability Standards are based on the Copenhagen Fashion Week Sustainability Requirements. We are committed to set an example for young and upcoming brands on how to constantly push for better practices and a more just fashion industry   even with limited resources.

Please see our 2023 Sustainability Report for detailed information on how we were able to implement our standards in the year 2023. If you would like to help us be better and make suggestions or comments to our Sustainability Standards, please don't hesitate to email us at

We hereby commit to the following standards divided into seven categories: Strategic Direction, Design Principles, Production & Materials, Working Conditions, Consumer Engagement, Shows, and Studio & Pop-up Stores.

1. Strategic Direction

  • We work strategically with embedding sustainability and international standards on human rights, environment and climate into our business
  • We include diversity and equality in our management approach and actively consider these aspects when hiring staff, especially for management positions
  • When hiring and commissioning work, we actively pursue to provide opportunities to marginalized creatives, with a particular focus on people of color and LGBTQ+ people
  • We do not support free internships. All our interns must either receive financial support from their school or national social security system or be paid
  • We do not destroy unsold clothes from previous collections - all such items are reworked to new product or donated to charitable efforts


2. Design Principles

  • We design to increase the quality and value of our products economically and materially and inform our customers about the value of longevity
  • We find a second life for our samples by reworking them into new product or by sample sales

3. Production & Materials


4. Working Conditions

  • We are committed to exercising due diligence in our supply chain according to international guidelines and standards and work with our suppliers to ensure e.g., freely chosen employment, secure employment or no child labor.
  • We are committed to operating a safe, healthy and respectful working environment for all our employees, free from harassment and discrimination and where everyone enjoys equal opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, political/religious/ sexual orientation, physical appearance and ability
  • We operate in a 4-day (30h) work week. This applies to in-house staff as well as interns
  • We pay a fare wage to our in-house workers and freelancers, in compliance with the Collective Agreement for Salaried Employees in the Textile and Fashion Sector in Finland 2022-2024


5. Consumer Engagement

  • Our staff is well informed about our sustainability strategy and actively participates in making our efforts better
  • We educate and inform our customers about our sustainability practices on multiple platforms. Currently we do this on our e-commerce, Instagram and pop-up stores & events
  • We do not utilize single-use plastic packaging in our pop-up stores or for online orders but offer recyclable, recycled or repurposable alternatives
  • See our Objectives for 2025 to see how we aim to be better in our consumer engagement


6. Shows

  • Our set design and show production is zero waste.
  • We do not utilize single-use plastic packaging backstage during fashion week but offer recyclable, recycled or repurposable alternatives.
  • We consider diversity and inclusivity when casting models


7. Studio & Pop-up Stores

  • The electricity used in our studio is fossil free and produced by wind power, hydropower or nuclear power. Our electricity provider is Vattenfall
  • We recycle all our waste at our studio, including cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, metal, organic and fabric waste
  • Our studio is fully furnished with 2nd hand and recycled furniture and materials
  • If possible, we repurpose all prototypes and other woven materials before recycling them
  • Our pop-up stores are built and furnished with pre-existing items and materials, such as recycled or loaned items
  • Our pop-up store packaging, such as bags, are made from recycled and/or recyclable materials

Please note that the contents of this page are a continuous work in progress. We regularly research and re-examine our Sustainability Standards and they may be subject to change. We base these standards on the latest information we are able to gather from industry professionals, EU regulations and Finnish Textile and Fashion, a local employer's organization.

This page was last updated April 15th 2024